No bells. No whistles. No empty promises.

Because shouldn’t learning solve problems
and drive performance? We think so too.

Frictionless<br> User Experience
User Experience

Looop LMS is frictionless and easy
to use so users don’t have to
drop their expectations for
tech when they go to work.

Guaranteed<br> performance

Looop LMS addresses critical points
of failure, solving real problems
by providing learning
relevancy in the flow of work.

Trusted by some of the
world's leading brands
What our customers have to say
Major brands like ASOS, Sky, and HarperCollins UK are delivering on
the promise to make L&D more effective.

When you’re
breaking new ground,
people notice.

We’re not here to blow our own
trumpet but… toot toot!

Looop in action
Create learning relevancy in the flow of work and solve real business problems
Ready to digitally
transform your L&D?

Don’t miss the weekly L&D podcast for L&D
professionals by L&D professionals. Hosted by
Looop’s Chief Learning Officer, David James.

Looop mobile learning is here.

And there… and well, wherever you want it.

Less friction. Less fiction.

Tired of LMSs that over-promise? Join the looop instead. We mean it.

Learning that drives performance.

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