Looop – A Learning Experience Platform

Dramatically simplified workplace learning.
Exponentially better results.

Looop simplifies your L&D so your team can learn anywhere, any time, and on any device. 

  • On-demand learning resources help new hires & existing staff do their jobs better than ever.
  • Track learner progress and measure results with sophisticated analytics.
  • Automation lets you deliver personalised learning at scale.

It’s agile. It’s modern. It’s learning that works.

Looop makes learning work

For your employees. For your organisation. And for the bottom line.

L&D leaders,
we feel your pain

Feeling trapped by an archaic LMS that’s become a document dumping ground? Feeling pressure from the C-suite to deliver greater results with fewer resources? Tired of putting time, effort, and money into training that’s forgotten soon after it’s delivered?

We understand.

We know traditional workplace learning isn’t working

And we know there is a much better way. Imagine if…

  • You were free from your old, traditional LMS and had something simple and intuitive instead?
  • You could embrace agile L&D and create fast, bite-sized resources, not slow, time-sink courses?
  • Your team could access learning when they need it, share knowledge, and perform better than ever?

Looop makes this a reality.

It’s time to make
your learning work

We’ve seen Looop work for ASOS, Sky, Discovery, and many more L&D teams at major brands. And we’re incredibly excited to share it with you, too. You don’t have to throw out what’s already working. You can start small.

Why not try an approach that, dare we say it, makes L&D exciting again?

We’d love to show you what Looop can do for your organisation.

Introducing Looop

A simple, powerful, learning platform

Looop is an easy-to-use, cloud-based learning platform that makes workplace learning dead simple. Rapidly create and deploy new resources. Make learning available on any device, at any location, at any time.

Then fully automate delivery with our ‘How did I live without this?’ Campaigns feature.

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Lean learning: A fresh approach to L&D

Lean learning is our approach to L&D — our secret sauce — that delivers the fantastic results we see time and time again. Lean learning transforms L&D into a productivity powerhouse.

Ship new training in minutes not months, demonstrate ROI, and make L&D the most agile part of your organisation.

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A team dedicated to your L&D success

Our team of L&D consultants support you every step of the way. We’ll set you up with ready-to-go content and give you expert advice on how you can tailor Looop to your organisation’s exact needs.

We’re deeply passionate about making learning work.

The result? Learning that works

Workers that are empowered and productive. L&D that’s agile and data-driven.
And measurable business results that directly affect the bottom line.
That’s what Looop delivers.

Major brands use Looop to make their learning work

Thousands of employees from companies like ASOS, Sky, Discovery,
and HarperCollins UK use Looop to access the learning they need
at the exact point in time they need it.

“Looop has totally transformed our learning experience. We have gone from 20th to 21st century learning with a more modest budget and better ROI.

John Athanasio
HarperCollins UK

Read the HarperCollins case study

“Looop helps us to deliver fresh learning content to targeted audiences through an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly platform. Looop is a key part of our future learning strategy.

Jennifer Wrigley,
Discovery Communications

Read the Discovery case study

“Looop is very simple to use which is great for adding content. It works for our team… we haven’t come across another system that even compares to it.

Cesaltina De Andrade,
Edwardian London

Read the Edwardian case study

Want to transform L&D in your organisation?

Trusted by some of the world's leading brands

Radisson Edwardian

See Looop in action

Easily create and distribute engaging learning resources using text, images, and video

  • Employee Onboarding

    Get new people up to speed in no time with resources that support new hires as they learn your process and company culture.

  • Manager Training

    Equip new managers with the tools, insights and support they need in their new role, with guidance for handling even the toughest situations.

  • Change Management

    Share new practices and procedures and make sure everyone in the organisation is getting consistent answers.

  • Compliance

    Test knowledge and ensure compliance with the ability to educate, then evaluate performance and enforce consistent practices on the job.

Say goodbye to your outdated LMS.

Choose results. Choose Looop.

Make Learning Work.

Book today for a private demo, free trial, and help to get started.

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