Killer Marketing Automation
in a next-gen LMS

Deliver learning to your employees’ inbox, team chat, or phone.

It’s the LMS turned inside out.

Proudly refusing to include the kitchen sink since 2014

Meet the enterprise LMS with the world’s best UX


Campaigns for every initiative

Deliver learning to your learners’ inbox.
Or Slack channel. Or Teams channel. Or SMS app. Automatically and intelligently based on rules and conditions you set.

Campaigns put learning delivery on autopilot so you can spend more time improving L&D and less time co-ordinating L&D.


Deep engagement insights

See exactly what’s working and what’s not.
Legacy LMSs focus on completion rates but ignore those that never enroll.

Looop’s analytics start from whether users even opened your email in the first place.

It’s a whole new level of actionable detail that gives you full visibility into the learner’s journey.


Dashboards for L&D ROI

Create sophisticated dashboards and benchmark your L&D initiatives against business metrics.
Get the big picture with easy-to-understand stats on how your comms and resources are performing, all on an audience-by-audience basis.

The days of preparing L&D content and crossing your fingers hoping people see it are over. Looop gives you the data you need to make a measurable business impact.


Resources for doing

Take your people from not knowing to doing as fast as possible.
Looop’s easy-to-use resource builder (and free kickstarter content) is so simple and intuitive your staff will want to create new resources.

Existing SCORM and xAPI content is easy to integrate and our built-in survey tool provides learner feedback to help you further optimize your content.


Yep we integrate with that

Whatever you run on, Looop slots right in.
Whether you’re a Microsoft house, a Google shop, or use any of the major authentication platforms, Looop happily integrates with your ecosystem and offers an open API to boot.

Looop offers SCIM integration for user management, works with LinkedIn Learning, connects with Slack or Microsoft Teams for chat notifications, and even lets you drop in Hotjar to collect even more user insights and feedback.


Customize your branding

Make your LMS a seamless part of your brand by customizing Looop.
Set up Looop under your own domain, add your logo, choose your brand color, and create branded banner images to easily integrate Looop into your corporate look & feel.

Plus, with Looop’s refreshingly simple interface, you can give your employees an effortless UX that makes accessing your resources a breeze.

Plus everything you’d expect from an enterprise LMS

  • NSurveys
  • NEvents
  • NPathways
  • NWorkspaces
  • NKickstarters
  • NMobile App
  • NSSO
  • NOpen API
  • NScorm & xAPI
  • NGoogle Integration
  • NMicrosoft Integration
  • NHR Integration

Don’t just talk about L&D ROI.
Prove it with Looop.