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L&D needs a multiplier, not a lobotomy

A note from Looop by 360Learning's CEO

Looop by 360Learning was born out of my frustration with the way L&D is practiced and the complex technology that only seemed to create more admin work, promote gimmicks, and deliver generic content... faster than ever!

At Looop by 360Learning we have a different vision for L&D. We believe that:

  1. Your context matters: You, the L&D professional, are the one best placed to solve your organization’s specific L&D challenges.
  2. Start with resources: L&D is at its best when it’s delivering simple, timely resources... and not just generic courses.
  3. Tech is a multiplier: Learning technology is at its best when used to multiply — and not substitute — your team’s efforts.

We see this in contrast to LMSs and LXPs that are built not to support you, but to essentially take over — delivering generic content without any insight into your unique situation with a sprinkling of “AI” fairy dust.

These products are, in our view, cobbled-together “frankenLMSs” that reduce your role to tech administrator/button pusher, not L&D problem solver.

We don’t think that’s a smart approach. For L&D it seems more like a digital lobotomy than a transformation.

That’s why we’ve built something different and you can see exactly why we’re different in approach, tech, and outcomes below.

If this resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.

— Ben Muzzell
     Looop by 360Learning CEO

Looop by 360Learning Difference #1

What great L&D looks like

Looop by 360Learning’s L&D vision

  • Delivers useful content right when it’s needed via your inbox, chat, SMS, or app.
  • Focuses on high-impact, business-specific problems with clear ROI.
Obsessed with measurable performance — we think in terms of “L&P”, not just “L&D”.
  • Applies modern Product Management principles — test, iterate, and refine.

Traditional L&D

  • Takes learners out of work to sit through long courses which are quickly forgotten.
  • Functions as order taker from other business units for “training” & delivers long courses.
  • “Engagement” is the only metric analyzed — immediate positive feedback is enough.
  • One and done — so much time goes into a course there’s no time to refine it.

Looop by 360Learning Difference #2

Where LMS/LXP tech fits

Looop by 360Learning LMS

  • UX is our #1 concern — for you and your learners — and we’re very protective of that.
  • Tech should reduce admin time & do the grunt work so humans have time to think.
  • Powerful but focused feature set frees you up to solve real L&D problems.
  • Learners just want to do their job — take resources to them via inbox, chat, or SMS.

The ”frankenLMS”

  • More features is the #1 concern, no matter how difficult it makes our UI to use.
  • Let’s bolt on whatever the latest learning gimmick is and call our offering a “suite”.
  • So many features to implement you never have time to... actually go & solve problems.
  • Hope learners come to us — the bigger our (generic) content library, the better!

Looop by 360Learning Difference #3

L&D outcomes

Outcomes with Looop by 360Learning

  • Automation gives you your day back, and you’re free to problem solve.
  • Direct feedback loop using your existing content shows what works & what doesn’t.
  • A resource-driven approach that’s fast and easy to roll out, test, and iterate.
  • You make a real impact on business KPIs and never have to chase anyone ever again.

Outcomes with traditional LMSs

  • A lot of fancy toys... that no one has the time to properly implement and manage.
  • A new set of generic content... that learners find just as uninteresting as before.
  • A lack of overarching philosophy or process makes for muddy implementation.
  • Back on the merry-go-round in another 12 months time looking for a silver bullet.

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