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Achieving more with Data & Analytics in L&D

L&D’s obsession with Learning evaluation masks a deficiency in our approaches for which data is the answer. This ebook explores how to use data and analytics to quantify and communicate our value well beyond programme evaluation and engagement metrics.

Digital Learning that works harder

Learning technology needs to step up.
This ebook looks at how L&D teams can leverage smart technology to do the real work for us.

Unpacking L&D at the Point of Work


L&D’s role at the Point of Work is the biggest opportunity in L&D today. This ebook unpacks what it is so organisations can benefit.

Aligning L&D with the business to drive performance

This ebook examines how end user problems haven’t been solved with existing learning tech, and why engagement is still elusive. It outlines how L&D can start focusing on business outcomes.

The Learning and Development disruption playbook

Stop pushing programmes and start using digital to solve business problems (with some real, practical advice from us!)

Transform your L&D with digital

This ebook looks at transforming your L&D with digital and provides practical guidance on getting started in your organisation.

The Empowered Learner

In this paper we examine today’s empowered learner, the modern learning environment, and what this all means for the modern L&D function.

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