Oliver Bonas — supporting employees during the Covid-19 lockdown

David James
David James
May 1, 2020
Oliver Bonas — supporting employees during the Covid-19 lockdown

As soon as Coronavirus hit the UK, Oliver Bonas was quick to create dedicated resources within Looop that covered essential information for employees in the Support Centre, Warehouse and Stores. 

Initially resources covered health and safety topics such as hygiene, handwashing, and the process of self-isolation, plus the latest government advice. In an agile and iterative way, resources were updated daily as things changed to keep employees informed. Because it was so well received, Oliver Bonas went ahead and created daily email comms using the Looop Campaigns feature to ensure nothing important was ever missed. They looked at engagement metrics such as open and click-through rates, which gave them further insight into what was working and where gaps existed: 

“Utilising Looop throughout this incredibly unusual period has been invaluable. The ease of creating new resources and the speed in which we can then send it out to our teams has been so important when keeping everyone updated and engaged with key information. The analytics are also proving incredibly useful for spotting a pattern and seeing which areas we can work on. We’re very grateful that we’re able to use Looop everyday, but especially at this time. It’s made communication a lot less stressful and given us more time to focus on the content we want to share.”  — Rylee Dent, Operations assistant at Oliver Bonas

As the situation in the UK progressed, Oliver Bonas started using the platform to host forms for staff to fill in if they were self-isolating and/or showed any Covid-19 symptoms. And when the UK government announced that non-essential stores were to be shut, Oliver Bonas promptly sent an email to all staff with a link to a timely video message from the Founders — that resource outlined everything staff needed to know in that moment of need.

Oliver Bonus uses Team Updates to stay in constant contact

As the UK entered lockdown, Oliver Bonas continued to use Looop to keep in constant contact with staff. The company created a workspace called Team Updates for information sharing, with a focus on wellbeing and nurturing community.

“Now, more than ever, we’re looking for new ways to stay connected as a team and as the Oliver Bonas community whilst we are going through this very difficult time.”
— Team Oliver Bonas

As part of this initiative, employees share what they’re doing while at home via their Instagram accounts, and each week a winner receives a gift card. Staff are also requested to nominate a front line worker for a special gift package:

“Within the Oliver Bonas community many staff have loved ones working hard on the front lines, and they wanted to share their appreciation with these important people as well.” — Team Oliver Bonas 

Mental health awareness is crucial, so Oliver Bonas already had a Looop workspace dedicated to mental health support, but since the outbreak they added new resources related specifically to the pandemic, including topics such as coping with self-isolation, keeping a routine, exercising, staying connected, and being kind to oneself. 

“Oliver Bonas have used all the amazing functions in Looop to keep all their members of staff up to date with Covid-19 updates but also used the platform to share what everyone is up to, sharing positive messages and company values, Work Hard, Play Hard & Be Kind.” — Rachel King, Client Success Manager at Looop

Oliver Bonas is using the Looop learning management system as an essential business tool to support and communicate with employees during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Looop has made it quick and easy to write resources and iterate as things change, and to provide support and communicate with staff in an agile way as needed using the Campaigns feature.”  — Team Oliver Bonas

If you need help supporting your employees during and after the pandemic, get in touch with our L&D experts. We're here to help.

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