How Presence | Dynamic Integrated Learning Content With Productivity Tools To Enhance Personal Development

Kiren Kahlon
Kiren Kahlon
May 11, 2021
How Presence | Dynamic Integrated Learning Content With Productivity Tools To Enhance Personal Development

Presence Marketing | Dynamic Presence (Presence) is the leading natural, national, and independently owned broker in the United States. Over the past 30 years, Presence has grown from a small and humble Midwest-based natural and organic food brokerage, to a national powerhouse with over 500 employees. 

Finding an LMS that could train their staff quickly and efficiently, whilst also being able to showcase their offering to brands was paramount for Presence. We recently spoke to Training & Development Specialist, Peter Plumlee, to find out how Looop’s resources-first approach has transformed their L&D offering.

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Presence’s Challenge: Delivering Training That Could be Accessed Quickly and On-Demand

Before Looop, Presence relied heavily on SharePoint and other LMS platforms. They quickly realised using a document library or site collection was not an ideal way of getting employees trained, and their other LMS platforms weren’t delivering what they needed. 

Peter says,

“Beyond getting the content delivered to our workforce more efficiently, we needed to find a way to encourage and track engagement, ensure compliance training was completed, and evolve our onboarding process. Ideally, we also needed something that we could use to not only grow our employee’s skills, but to also help assist in growing our business.”

With lots of different systems being used and no cohesive UX, Peter and the team found it extremely difficult to manage users and track access and completions. With around 300 employees being on the road, delivering training that could be accessed quickly and on-demand was also a huge priority. Peter continues,

“We knew we had a problem when no one was talking about the resources we had to offer, rather we heard them talking about what was not available. While our teams were still completing what was required of them, there was nothing from the previous platforms that made someone want to log back in on their own. The platforms where rigid, left little room for branding, and lacked intuitive design. We found we were spending money on a tool that wasn’t being fully utilised.”

The Solution: Integrating Looop with Their Existing MS Tech Stack to Target Employees Through Different Channels

Presence MS Teams

Presence knew they needed to redevelop their L&D offering. This started with reinvigorating people’s interest in Personal Development and expanding their use case scenarios beyond Compliance Training. Peter says,

“Looop’s suite of tools are an eye catcher. We particularly liked being able to transform lessons to resources, access analytics that delivered what we needed, and the flexibility of workspaces, pathways, and rich, dynamic campaigns. We use the full suite of Microsoft products at Presence, so it was important that we were able to continue using these and could integrate them into the LMS. Looop also supports SCIM imports from Azure and sign in with Azure, and the possibility to create Microsoft Teams bot was the icing on an already great cake!”  

By being able to integrate Looop with their existing MS tech stack, Presence was able to go where their employees were and integrated their learning content with productivity tools. This means they were able to easily target employees through different channels, such as emails and the MS Teams bot.

After spending some time exploring Looop and creating tester campaigns within the IT and HR departments, Peter made the jump and transferred all of their existing content over to Looop. Peter explains,

“Within 60 days, Looop was hosting all of our content and we started sending out campaigns. Just as we started getting the word out about Looop, COVID-19 hit. Now more than ever, we needed a way to get information to our teams; information that previously would have been captured at a meeting or a convention. Curating pathways and launching campaigns delivered the resources our teams needed, right when they needed it. Looop with 3 O’s is now everyone’s default spelling.”

As well as the UX Looop offers, the team’s service was also a gamechanger for Presence. Peter continues,

“The Looop team is great to work with! Any time I have a question, someone from the Looop team is always quick to respond, and always presents a solution as soon as possible. Looop has also built a community for their customers. Not only is this a great way to connect with others, but it gives us direct access to the Looop Support and Development team. You can really tell this team is passionate about their product. The Looop HQ is nearly 4,000 miles away from my office in Chicago, yet I always receive prompt responses to any of my inquiries.”

The Results: Multi-Channel Engagement, Increased Company-Wide Knowledge and a Brand-New Sales Pitch

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Being able to automate when content goes out and targeting employees through different content types and channels has allowed Presence to offer their sales team and entire staff so much more. Peter says,

“Sales teams need to know everything about their clients. Previously they were having 1-hour back-to-back calls, whereas now, a growing number of their clients host their training/guides on Looop, and these can be shared with their employees. Feedback has shown our 3–5-minute resources have made it so much easier for staff to engage, and we’re seeing a much higher rate of users returning to resources.

We are now maximising our employees’ time with more of these shorter trainings, allowing our teams more opportunities to be out in the field selling and making connections with customers.”

Presence has also used Looop for their onboarding training, which has increased from a 1-hour session to a 12-hour new hire training programme. The programme consists of welcoming new starters, providing guidance on what to expect, sharing compliance training, and delivering follow up resources and quiz questions to measure effectiveness.

The platform is also proactively being used to showcase the company to win new business. Peter explains,

“We’ve started using Looop as a sales tool to showcase our extended services to our brands. This incentivises brands to work with us and share their training content with us. Looop is now in our sales pitch!”
Looop helps leading brands achieve better business results. To talk to an expert about your digital learning strategy, book a demo today.

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