What It Means To Be The Best Learning Platform For User Experience

March 12, 2018

Written by David James

Best User Experience


According to e-Learning Industry, Looop is currently the world’s best Learning Platform for user experience. But what does this mean and why is user experience such an important consideration when buying a Learning Management System?

The term user experience comes from Software Development and has infiltrated everyday language as more and more people wrestle with ‘digital’ in the context of 21st century business.

According to Google, user experience is defined as:

The overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use

Some other definitions are more detailed and others relate to specific types of applications but my favourite is from the Macmillan Dictionary:

The overall experience that someone has when using a product, system or service

The reason this resonates with me is because Looop’s philosophy on user experience is not limited to functionality and aesthetics, it’s about appealing to users in the context of what they are trying to do.

When we (L&D) put ourselves in the shoes of users (employees) we recognise individuals who are motivated to do their jobs as well as they can in order improve their prospects. In essence, they are working and want to get better in the context of their work, their hopes and their ambitionsLearning for the sake of learning is a luxury, for most.

More and more, we know people are overwhelmed, challenged to do more with less and to compete for recognition, promotion and pay rises. So how can we help them?

This is a primary focus of Looop. We ensure that users aren’t more overwhelmed as a result of interacting with our platform. In fact, we aim to reduce overwhelm, to focus on the friction experienced by users, and help them to quickly and easily get what they need in order to perform and grow.

It’s easy to build an abundance of features but we haven’t got to where we are by doing so. Looop addresses and reduces friction in the employee experience. We connect users with the information, know-how and insights they need to address friction points and perform with confidence and competence at their organisation.

Looop has the same focus as users do – their work – supporting and guiding them where they are, to help with what they’re trying to do… And this, according to e-Learning Industry, is what we currently do better than any other learning platform.

Discover how you can use Looop to transform your training to deliver better performance, engagement and user-experience. Book a free demo today.

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