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L&D is stuck in delivery.

Looop is here to change that.

The L&D status quo is all about delivering learning. And plugging in tech
solutions to do so. Yet end user problems haven’t been solved. Elearning is
still tedious. Engagement is an issue. And L&D is still focused on learning
objectives rather than business objectives.

Here’s the thing with plug and play.
You can’t plug in tech and solve real
end user problems.

L&D needs to understand critical
points of failure then get support and
guidance to people when it matters most.

It needs to do what’s required to
enhance organisational capability. Not
just ‘deliver learning.’ It needs to buy for
the end user, address challenges, and
create training that makes a difference.
That’s where Looop comes in.

Looop removes
the redundancies
built into today’s

Looop is the only company in the learning space that addresses critical points of failure, and solves real problems by providing learning relevancy in the flow of work.

With Looop, users don’t have to drop their expectations for tech when they go to work. And L&D no longer needs to spoon-feed employees, attempt to engage them with gimmicks, and scramble for people to be involved.

Looop solves engagement and productivity.

“Too often, ‘engagement’ still seems to be the holy grail
for L&D, i.e. when clients aren’t engaging in legacy
learning tech, L&D seek something more ‘engaging’ –
rather than something that actually works.”

Stop making big bets on big systems with little impact.

Run an experiment with Looop.

We don’t believe your employees should have to drop their expectations for tech at work, and neither should you.
That’s why we propose the ultimate litmus test:
Set up a learning environment with us and let your users decide.

Set up an experiment

“Solve real problems and only scale what works. If
you’ve got an LMS and no one is using it, switch it
off and see if anybody notices. If they don’t, cut your
losses and invest your time and attention elsewhere.”

Because it’s not
about ‘nice’ learning.

It’s about the
business benefits.

If you’ve been bitten by standard implementations
and tried to justify the spend, you know what we mean
by ‘it’s not about nice learning.’ You want a solution
that’s focused on performance. And your priority is
business objectives over learning objectives. KPIs over
attendance and completion rates.

The user is at the center of the performance question, and that’s where Looop’s focus is.

Digital transformation with Looop.

Digital L&D isn’t about plugging in technology and
putting tons of content in an LMS. That doesn’t
solve anyone’s problems. We must stop believing
that platform implementations and content
libraries are enough.

The opportunity for digital in L&D is not adding
more to your existing tech stack. It’s in fundamentally
redesigning how employees experience L&D, for
purposes important to them. That’s because digital
means user-centricity at its core.

“Learning in the flow of work means people won’t stop
work to learn but that resources are embedded into
the situations and challenges our clients face, guiding
and supporting them to achieve desired results.”

Here’s how Looop does it.

Addressing the friction employees experience as they work
solves their real problems more efficiently and effectively than
‘learning solutions.’

Digital L&D with Looop Traditional L&D
User – (employee-) centric Content – (programme-) centric
Focused on performance, i.e. the work Focused on learning
Performance Consulting explores friction in the work and across different parties Training Needs Analysis looks for common problems to be aggregated and solved with training
Solutions – predominantly digital resources and conversations – developed with the client Solutions – predominantly courses and programmes – developed with subject matter experts (SMEs)
Minimum Viable Product (MVP), or prototype, made available to the client very quickly to be tested and to collect data Solutions developed before being piloted
MVP iterated constantly, based on user feedback, to increase its value over time Programme delivered consistently across departments and geographies
Solutions provide continuous value and support to users Solutions are generally ‘one and done’ experiences
Performance improvement is the measure of success Attendance, completion, assessment and satisfaction are key measures of success

“Let’s stop pretending that elearning is just misunderstood
by our clients or they don’t have time to learn. They do
have time to learn – and they do so every time they face
challenging situations in the context of their work.”

No bells.No whistles.No empty promises.

Because an LMS should be more than just a delivery tool.

Learning that drives performance.