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5 things we believe about
Learning & Development

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Automate the manual

Automate boring stuff so you can say yes to the impactful stuff. 

L&D is often tasked with serving thousands of employees with… not much. At Looop, we’re often blown away by what small L&D team achieve despite a lack of resources.

But to embrace the future of L&D, you need time. And the best way to get that time is through automation. Then you’re free to say YES to what comes next!

That’s why marketing automation is at the heart of Looop. (We call it Campaigns). When you automate manual L&D work — delivery, co-ordination and follow up — you’re free to focus on performance.

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Drive business performance

Go from being an order-taker to a performance-enabler.

People learn on the job with and without L&D. But L&D is uniquely positioned to help people not just learn but work optimally.
Whether that’s:
• Getting new starters up to speed without overwhelming them…
• Supporting new managers in their new role…
• Providing your frontline workers with the on-demand resources they’re asking for…

Whatever the challenge, we believe the future of L&D is about embedding learning into the workflow (and not taking people out of work). This belief is why Looop exists. It’s what brought our team together. It’s what we know drives performance.


Resources before courses

Cure the curse of the course.

Courses have had a good run. But when employees can just instantly Google something or watch a video on their phone, they’re not going to wait around for your next course to start.

Instead, the future of L&D is built around simple, clear
resources. Resources with as much (or as little) rich content as you like, sourced from wherever you like, delivered right when they’re needed. Simple creation tools make it easy for anyone — including your subject matter experts — to create resources to answer every common how, where, when, or why question you can think of.

This is why we reinvented the LMS around resources, not courses. The future is on-demand access and delivering links directly to the employee’s inbox, team chat, or phone… right when they need it.


Data-informed decision-making 

What gets measured gets improved. 

”Engagement” has often been the sole measure that matters for L&D. The more engaged people are, the more they’ll learn, the better they’ll perform… right?

Well, maybe, if they ever take a course. But what if learning delivery was turned on its head? What if we had the power to deliver timely resources right when employees needed them? (Sensing a theme here?)

L&D would need qualitative data to know what resources were need when, and quantitative data to know those resources were (a) accessed, (b) completed, and (c) any good.

Learning tech can’t talk to your employees (at least not yet), but it can provide quantitative data about what’s used, skipped, loved, and not-so-loved. We believe in putting that data at your fingertips so you can build a learning ecosystem that works.


Tech + process = business impact

We believe L&D exists to help the organization perform better, faster. 

We believe deep in our L&D bones that the future of L&D is accelerating execution across the organization by getting employees from ‘not knowing’ to ‘doing’ as fast as possible.

But so does everyone else who has been paying attention in L&D…

There’s one key difference: We also believe the technology to walk this future-of-L&D talk is now a reality. It’s what we’ve spent the last half-decade creating and we’re incredibly excited about it.

That technology is of course Looop, our next-gen LMS, and we’d love to show it to you. If you’ve been nodding along to these points — awesome. You get it. We especially want to show you what Looop looks like in action, so go ahead and book a demo today.

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