The Future is User-Centred

Companies who are succeeding in today’s marketplace have one thing in common – they put the customer first. This is as true for learners as it is for customers.


Learning content cannot simply be a collection of information packaged for ‘delivery’ into a course. It must address the real needs and challenges faced by your learners


Learning can happen any time, and is most effective when it happens at the point of need. A next-gen learning platform must recognise this and provide flexibility to allow learners to learn when they need.


While many people still choose to access learning via a desktop or laptop, the flexibility to use any mobile device, or to move between devices is now expected.


We live in the era of Google and YouTube, when you can find what you need when you need it without having to wait for an expert to ‘teach’ you. Learners know how they want to learn.


Looop’s on-demand Learning Resource model makes building user-centric learning experiences easy, by re-imagining the learning experience from the point of view of your learner.

The Future is Experience-Focussed

A great learner experience is much more than re-designing the buttons or adding animations. It comes from a deep understanding of the modern learner.


A next-gen learning platform adapts to the flexible nature of the modern work environment, allowing personalised, responsive learning experiences to evolve.Looop’s unique Learning Resources combined with timely reminders and in-app notifications give learners the flexibility they need.


With the rise of the consumer internet the expectations of users is shifting rapidly. Its no longer ok for work apps to be any less convenient or delightful than the apps we use to chat with friends. A Next-Gen Learning Platform like Looop takes interaction and user-experience seriously, creating delightful interfaces and engaging interactions.

The Future is Data-Driven

Data is now a key component for a Next-Generation Learning Platform (LMS).


Beyond simply recording activity, reporting on a next-gen learning platform should be actionable. It should relate directly to your objectives and give clarity, not just graphs.


Data can do more than just build up! Next-generation learning platforms use data as a tool to drive recommendation engines and predictive models. New tools from Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence promise more advances in this area, so watch this space.


The future belongs to organisations that can effectively connect their internal systems and leverage the information advantage. From app integrations to data portability to ‘people analytics’, next-gen platforms must support the flow of information.

The Future is on Any Device

Mobile is no longer an add-on, it is now an expectation. The modern learning experience is no longer bound to a desk, it can happen anywhere and anytime.

Next-Gen learning platforms like Looop leverage cloud computing and responsive web technology to provide instant multi-device delivery via web browsers and native apps.

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