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If you have an LMS that no one’s using,
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If you’ve bought an LMS and invested in elearning, you’re probably asking yourself how to get people to use it. It’s easy. Solve real problems and only scale what works. If you’ve got an LMS and no one’s using it, switch it off and see if anybody notices. If they don’t, cut your losses and invest your time and attention elsewhere. Somewhere like Looop.

Looop – learning that drives performance

A frictionless user experience. Guaranteed performance. Hard-edged business results.

Act on data and analytics

Rather than dreaming up L&D
initiatives, start creating resources that
solve real business problems, and keep
iterating based on data and analytics.

Know exactly what’s working, and what’s not. Capture both aggregate and open feedback to understand whether employees are finding resources useful or not.

Understand where the gaps are to provide the right resources. Use Looop’s search analytics to understand what people are actively searching for and not finding answers to.

Easily create content

Create resources in seconds. Yes, literally. Looop’s dead simple interface makes it easy to create resources with text, video, images, links, and more. It’s so intuitive that your internal subject matter experts will soon be making and sharing their own resources.

No need to understand coding or HTML. Automatically format text and images, integrate videos and podcasts, set up quizzes, and link to external resources that add value.
Encourage SMEs to share their knowledge and scale best practices. Easily assign anyone the ability to create their own resources and recognise employees for their knowledge and skills.

“With Looop, we’ve been able to create over 100 training resources – either videos, photography or little how-to-manuals – in less than a year. It’s not overly complicated, unlike some other systems.”

“Looop is very simple to use which is great for adding content. It works for our team. We haven’t come across another system that even compares to it.”

Cesaltina De Andrade,
Radisson Edwardian Hotels

Make learning continuous
with learning paths

Drive learners to a goal by building knowledge progressively through a sequenced, structured learning route. Use these journeys to push employees towards higher engagement, performance, and business results.

Capture feedback and iterate. Pin-point problems with specific training at any point in the pathway, and understand how resources can be improved to provide users what they want.

Identify your most impactful resources through analytics. Detailed dashboards tell you which resources lead to greater success. Build pathways based on that key content.

Automate employee

Run campaigns just as marketing departments do. Automate the scheduling of employee communications so employees receive reminders to complete their training until they’ve done it.

Support employees and set them up for success. Whether it’s their first day on the job, or transitioning to a new role, get relevant training to employees when they need it most.

Create campaigns that target groups automatically. Then take it one step further with behavioural data that tells you how to tailor campaigns and time them so that you’re always on hand to support when it’s needed most.

“I loved that we can reach the entire company via the portal with the push messaging and that employees are able to create content and share it with the company.”

Jo Taylor, Harper Collins

Looop makes it easy to
get things done


Drag and drop text, add images, upload video and more to create resources you can update any time.


Your resources are instantly accessible, easily searchable, and beautifully formatted for any mobile device.


Publish quizzes and questionnaires to see what your people know and where they need more help.


Invite your best people to share what they know and refine content with feedback collected from comments.


Schedule and manage face-to- face events, from automated invitations to RSVP tracking.


See which pieces of content are most popular, including who accessed them, when, and how they scored.

White label

Make your LMS an extension of your brand. Customise with your colours, logo and URL, and send email notifications from your domain.

Mobile first

Looop’s native apps and responsive interface let learners get the help they need on any device — in or out of the office.


Give target groups of learners a personalised experience with messaging and content specific to them.

Expect more. Expect performance. Expect results.

Because an LMS should be more than just a delivery tool.

Learning that drives performance.

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