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Tired of LMSs that over-promise?
Join the looop instead. We mean it.

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Deliver on L&D at the point of work.

Guide and support people
using automation and data

Provide resources at the
point of need
(before they
know they need it!)

Deliver in a way that
doesn’t take them out of
the flow of work

Get started and have immediate impact

The Looop journey starts with honing in on your business challenges to create a MVP (we have kickstarters to help you get up and running, or you can use your existing initiatives!).

Redundancies in L&D and admin overhead are removed, you’ll see existing initiatives improve, and you can spend more time on what matters most.

Looop as part of your learning ecosystem

We make integrations easy through built-in and custom APIs. Just plug in your HR feed and let Looop take care of user provisioning and extracting reports to any of your systems.

Multiply your capability, remove overhead and save time with automation. Get people what they need, when they need it — experiment with what works, discard what doesn’t and monitor for success.

Automate with campaigns

Looop’s campaigns feature ties together the learning experience from HR to execution. Deliver tailored learning sequences, timed right, through automated communications.

Learners no longer have to stop work to log into an LMS and look for pathways. They can access useful content at the point of need, before they even have questions.

Act on data and user insights

Deep data insights in the workflow. Understand the frictions your people are experiencing through quantifiable data – unique to Looop – that drives better L&D decisions.

See how training and your comms strategy are performing. Understand where and when learners need help most – and how best to deliver them.

Reimagine onboarding

Provide relevant resources (not generic elearning!) and ensure
your program is speedy, meaningful and valuable.

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Stop making big bets on big systems with little impact.

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