Achieving more with Data & Analytics in L&D

Data and analytics does not need to be unattainable — it can be our friend. This ebook looks at how to demystify data and analytics to make meaningful and quantifiable differences.

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L&D’s obsession with Learning evaluation masks a deficiency in our approaches for which data is the answer. This ebook explores how to use data and analytics to quantify and communicate our value well beyond programme evaluation and engagement metrics.


What’s inside:

  • Overview of why assumptions are no longer enough and how to use evidence to address real problems
  • Understand how to solve defined problems for distinct groups of people
  • Learn the value of running experiments that focus on performance and results

Enterprises that get it learn with Looop

Looop have been a great partner to ASOS. They’ve worked with us very closely to create our learning environments and constantly ask for feedback for new features. 

I honestly don’t know if learning would be the same at ASOS without Looop.

— Aisling Winter, Head of L&D, ASOS