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When employees need answers, they don’t read a manual or click through a course. They search the web, or ask someone who knows. In that moment, they need a resource – not a course.

Looop is the only tool that helps you deliver context-rich resources on demand so that employees can apply their learning right away.

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Lean, Agile Learning

With Looop, teachable moments transform into learning experiences, whenever and wherever they happen.


Create custom training topics with a simple drag n’ drop. Upload videos, add text, paste in images or add a quiz – and edit anytime! Or, bring together the “best of the web” in a clear, no-distractions environment.


Make your resources findable for everyone – or share them exclusively with user groups you define.


Give your best people a platform to share what they know and capture company IP before it walks out the door.

It’s like giving your staff 24/7 access to your most successful people without any disruptions.

And much more…

  • Customize Looop’s look and feel to your branding
  • Upload hundreds of learners with a single click
  • Assign training to individual learners or groups
  • Upload videos, screencasts & instructional how-tos
  • Generate powerful performance reports in seconds
  • Send push notifications, emails or updates straight to your learners
  • Log in from Microsoft, Google or Salesforce Accounts
  • Export all data to CSV for easy reference or API sharing
  • Remove users without losing their record
  • Protect your data in our secure SSL-certified cloud infrastructure.

We’d love to show you how Looop will transform your training for good.

You’re one click away from improving employee performance.

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