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“This white paper synthesises a lot of current thinking and makes a very good ‘sit-up-and-take-notice’ case. Excellent.” Charles Jennings

Workplace learning has changed dramatically in the past ten years and technology has been the primary driver of that change. However, it has not necessarily been learning solutions supplied by organisations that have been the game-changer. The way that technology has enabled workers to self-direct their learning has been the significant factor. Whether it’s been fully acknowledged or not, this has dramatically changed the learner’s relationship with L&D.

This White Paper examines today’s empowered learners – their motivations, habits and preferences – and what L&D can do to increase learner engagement towards organisational capability and improved business performance.

Compiled from research and insights in very recent years, commentary is provided by David James, former-Director of Talent Management, Learning & OD at The Walt Disney Company, EMEA.

See David James talking about The Empowered Learner in a short video clip here.

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