Instant results
for a fraction of the cost

It’s much quicker and cheaper to provide digital resource rather than creating courses – and much more effective.

Use targeted digital resources to address real concerns at the point-of-need whilst keeping your new managers in the workflow.

Track progress and improve
in real time

Easily evaluate performance and ensure your new managers are where they need to be.

Digital resources can be easily adjusted and improved over time so that they increase in value with every piece of feedback received.

Built for the way your people learn

Looop Management training

  • Fast, bite-sized and immediately relevant
  • Can be viewed and applied on-demand
  • Quick and easy for anyone to create
  • Easy to update and improve based on feedback
  • Hyper-relevant insights from respected peers and successful staff
  • Never more than a click away from an answer
  • Lean, agile and constantly evolving with your business

Traditional Management training

  • Long, in-depth and all-encompassing
  • Delivered outside of the regular workflow
  • Lengthy, involved development cycle
  • Limits content creation to L&D or business specialists
  • Generic principles and processes that may not apply
  • Requires digging through training modules to find needed info
  • Expensive and slow to update

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