Make personalised experiences automatic


Leverage the power of automation with smart campaigns
that give the right people the right message at the right time.

Define your audience rules, create your messages
and we’ll take care of the rest!

Create amazing learning experiences

Create amazing learning experiences by sending each employee
the perfect series of emails and in-app messages
based on their role, group, or behaviour.

  • Role-based induction
  • Transition guidance
  • Compliance drives

Smart learning automation made easy

  • 1. Identify your target audience

    Use powerful filtering rules to decide who will enter your campaign and when

  • 2. Create your message

    Set up rich email and in-app messages with custom images, content and links

  • 3. Set message schedule

    Define the rules that decide when each message should appear. Use fixed dates or relative timing

  • 4. Activate and relax

    Once activated you can track your campaign while it’s in progress, report on activity, and measure message effectiveness.

How does it work?

  • Start

    As soon as a user fits the audience profile for a campaign, they will automatically start receiving your messages.

  • Activity

    As users interact with your messages we record the activity so you can monitor progress in real time.

  • Complete

    Once a user has seen all the messages available (or no longer fits the audience profile) they have completed the campaign.

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