Is Looop easy to use?
Very! You don’t need to be tech-savvy to create, share or edit training. Anything you create is automatically designed and formatted for mobile. Basically, if you can use Microsoft Office, you can use Looop!

What if I go over my user limit?
No problem! We’ll alert you at the beginning of the next pay period and give you a chance to upgrade your plan before charging your card.

Do you offer a free trial?
Yes! After a quick live demo, we’ll set you up with a free trial. Why the demo? Because our most successful customers were able to get more out of Looop, more quickly, after having someone quickly show them the ropes.

Will Looop’s mobile app work on my device?
If it’s an iOS (Apple), Android or Windows device, you bet!


How long are your Live Demos?
Usually just 20 – 30 minutes or less. We’re happy to show you how Looop will solve your business’ specific challenges and answer any questions you have.

How does payment work?
Take Looop for a whirl for 14 days, risk-free. We’ll only ask for your credit card when you sign up for a plan. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you an invoice at the beginning of each month.

Who is considered a user?
Anyone who can access your training. If you need to remove old users, you can archive them at any time, without losing their record. Archived users no longer count against your total user number.

What if I want to downgrade, or cancel
No problem. Your plan’s new rate or cancellation will begin at the beginning of the next calendar month.

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