Simple content creation


Easily create learning resources with text, images, & video

Looop’s dead simple interface makes it a breeze to create short and sweet learning resources that help answer your employee’s “How do I…” or “Where can I…” questions. Plus, Looop is so intuitive your learners will soon be making and sharing their own resources.


Support employees as they work instead of taking them out of work

Say goodbye to trying to corral staff into face-to-face training that takes them out of their workflow. Looop makes it is so easy for learners to get answers to questions when they need it, wherever they are that they’ll end up asking for more.


Ridiculously easy to get started… for you and your learners

Looop is ridiculously easy to set up, customise, and roll out. Ready-to-go content is included, and all employees have to do is download an app and then all the learning resources they need are at their fingertips. They can watch short videos just like they would on Youtube, or search for answers just like they’d search online.


Save hours (and hours) with automated learning delivery

Automatically deliver learning with Campaigns. Set it up once and then give every new starter, new manager, or new team member a fantastic first day, week, and month… automatically. Campaigns mean every single employee is well supported through their transition with learning resources delivered just when they need it… without you having to do a thing.

See how easy it is to create and share content

Create, measure, and iterate. Looop makes L&D agile.

  • Our web-based content editor lets you drag and drop text, images, videos, links and more.
  • Your content is automatically formatted for mobile.
  • Edit anything you want, from anywhere, so you can quickly respond to changes or feedback.
  • Create separate, restricted workspaces and topics for different roles and responsibilities
  • Share fresh content with everyone who needs to see it with instantly searchable resources.

“With Looop, we’ve been able to create over 100 training resources – either videos, photography or little how-to-manuals – in less than year. It’s not overly complicated, unlike some other systems.”

Cesaltina De Andrade, Edwardian Hotels


Connect with your team 
(both online and in real life)

Some things are just better in real life. We make it easy for you to schedule and manage face-to-face events, from automated invitations to rsvp tracking.

Whether your team is 5 or 5000, meet-ups are a great way to get together and learn from each other.

Team Collaboration

Choose creators and make collaboration painless

Get knowledge out of your expert’s heads and into the hands of the people who need it—fast. It’s is as easy as assigning a question to the person who can answer it best.

Now, every employee has 24/7 access to your best people without the constant disruption!


Track learning, analyze at a glance and report on the go

  • Assign learning to groups or individuals with emails or push notifications to make sure nothing is missed.
  • Collect feedback in comments to learn what’s working and what’s not.
  • Generate detailed performance reports on individuals, groups, pieces of content and more.
Harper Collins

“I loved that we can reach the entire company via the portal with the push messaging and that employees are able to create content and share it with the company.”

Jo Taylor, Harper Collins

Looop makes it easy to get things done


Drag and drop text, add images, upload video and more to create resources you can update any time.


Your resources are instantly accessible, easily searchable, and beautifully formatted for any mobile device.


Publish quizzes and questionnaires to see what your people know and where they need more help.


Invite your best people to share what they know and refine content with feedback collected from comments.


Schedule and manage face-to-face events, from automated invitations to RSVP tracking.


See which pieces of content are most popular, including who accessed them, when, and how they scored.

White label

Make your LMS an extension of your brand. Customise Looop with your colours, your logo, and your URL.

Mobile first

Looop’s native apps and responsive interface let learners get the help they need on any device — in or out of the office.


Give target groups of learners a personalised experience with messaging and content specific to them.

All of the benefits.
None of the deal-breakers.
It's time you gave Looop a try.

Powerful but not overcomplicated? Check ✓
Scalable but not cluttered? Check ✓
Mobile, modern and media-rich? Check, check and check ✓✓✓

It’s never been easier to make workflow learning a reality.

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