Know How - Check In - Meet Up

  • Know How

    Build up a library of useful resources to give people access to the information they need, when they need it. Great for induction and manager development.

  • Check In

    Publish quizzes and questionnaires to understand more about what your people know, and where they need help. Great for compliance and engagement.

  • Meet Up

    Plan and run face-to-face events for your team, from small training sessions to all-hands.

Deliver on demand

Create a library of resources that your people can access whenever, wherever they need. Looop makes it easy to create and share learning resources with your team, or your company.

Support new starters, help people get up to speed, or encourage best-practice ~ what’s important is that everyone has access to know how.

“Looop helps us to deliver fresh learning content to targeted audiences through an easy-to-use mobile-friendly platform. Looop is a key part of our future learning strategy.” Jennifer Wrigley, Discovery Communications

Ask the big questions

From compliance to engagement, it’s important to check in with your team to know what they know, and understand what they need.

Looop makes it easy to create and assign quizzes and questionnaires for your employees, then track the results and report on outcomes.

Connect with your team

Some things are just better in real life. We make it easy for you to schedule and manage face-to-face events, from automated invitations to rsvp tracking.

Whether your team is 5 or 5000, meet-ups are a great way to get together and learn from each other.

Not technical? No problem.

We format everything automatically,
so you get beautiful looking learning resources 
without wasting any time fussing over design.

Collaborate & Improve

  • Add Users
    Import one account or your entire organization in seconds with a simple CSV.
  • Choose Creators
    Give knowledge champions authorship permission and share their content.
  • Manage Groups
    Enrol hundreds of learners in flexible groups by job function or level.
  • Make it Personal
    Deliver relevant learning by assigning tasks or restricting access to private topics.
  • Track Engagement
    See which pieces of content are most popular, including who accessed them and when.
  • Measure Performance
    Test employee knowledge with one-click quizzes and know if the learning sticks.
  • Collect Feedback
    Use built-in feedback forms to see what’s working, what’s missing and how to improve your content.
  • Export Everything
    Generate reports inside the app, or export your data into excel for APIs and mashups.

Learning built for real life


Help new hires hit the ground running, with…

  • A welcome video from the CEO
  • A quick overview of the company’s history and culture
  • A virtual tour of their new office
  • Tips, tricks & advice from familiar faces
  • Immediately relevant, bite-sized training topics

They’ll feel welcome, confident and ready to work from day one.

New Manager Training

Set new managers up for success, with…

  • Real stories from recognized leaders
  • Time-tested tips from your highest performers
  • Step-by-step processes for tough situations
  • Helpful how-tos from those who’ve done it before
  • Quick-reference summaries of important

It’s like having your best people on-hand to offer proven advice in any moment.

Sales Teams

Clone your best salespeople, with…

  • Proven advice for overcoming objections
  • Insider tips from your most skilled salespeople
  • High-converting scripts for cold outreach
  • A video walkthrough of a successful sales call
  • A screencast explaining how to use the company’s CRM platform

Give your salespeople every advantage before they make a call.

Tech Support

Drastically cut downtime, with…

  • Quick troubleshooting tips for common problems
  • Video walkthroughs of company software
  • Step-by-step screenshots
  • Distraction-free links to trusted outside sources
  • Up-to- the-minute info on known bugs and issues

Take a load off IT and get employees back up and running – fast.

People are talking about Looop


  • “Looop recognises that employees want answers to problems or issues that are getting in the way of doing their job instantly.”
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