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Get new people up to speed
in no time

Don’t waste the first month of an employee’s working life waiting to schedule a generic induction walkthrough. Create a meaningful online induction in no time with Looop. You can be sure your new starters have what they need, and none of the things they don’t.


Looop is also a great way to support pre-boarding, allowing you to introduce your new starter to the team before they even hit the ground.

Tailor it for your team

Every workplace is different. With Looop it’s easy to create and collect resources to give new starters the support they need to truly succeed in your organisation.

From who’s-who in the zoo, to what-not-to-wear-on-Fridays, Looop makes it easy to share the things that make your workplace unique.

Support for the always-on workforce

Supporting new starters goes beyond the 9-to-5. Looop’s mobile and online apps make it easy to be where your people are, giving them on-demand access to the information they need to succeed in their first week.

Whether your people work different hours, or in different cities, Looop makes it easy to put the important information at their fingertips.

The Looop Toolkit

We make it easy to create a great online induction experience for your workplace

  • Know How

    Build up a library of useful resources to give new starters access to the information they need, when they need it.
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  • Check In

    Publish quizzes and questionnaires to understand more about what new starters know, and where they need help.
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  • Meet Up

    Plan and run face-to-face events for your team. Perfect for re-focussing your offline induction sessions.
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Built for the way your people learn

Looop Induction

  • Fast, bite-sized and immediately relevant
  • Can be viewed and applied on-demand
  • Quick and easy for anyone to create
  • Empowers best people to contribute collective IP
  • Hyper-relevant insights from respected peers and successful staff
  • Never more than a click away from an answer
  • Lean, agile and constantly evolving with your business

“Traditional” Induction

  • Long, in-depth and all-encompassing
  • Delivered outside of the regular workflow
  • Lengthy, involved development cycle
  • Limits content creation to L&D or business specialists
  • Generic principles and processes that may not apply
  • Requires digging through training modules to find needed info
  • Expensive and slow to update

We’d love to show you how Looop will transform your team for good.

On a live demo, we’ll show you exactly how Looop will
solve your org’s specific challenges.