Looop Makes
Compliance Training Work

Address compliance from the ground level

Don’t waste time piling employees with generic compliance content, instead focus on specific organisational issues and how they affect your employees for higher engagement and better performance.

Drop in tests 
when & where they are needed

Correctly answering aimless quiz questions is no measure of understanding. Focus on asking ‘what do we absolutely need to do in order to demonstrate compliance?’ and then work on stuff that really matters.

With Looop it’s easy to drop in targeted quiz questions alongside relevant content.

Adapt your content
for specific roles and situations

Focus on specifics rather than generalisations. From new starter to managers, your resources can be easily adjusted to target specific audiences to make the most impact.

Easily update resources
as regulations change

Resources are quick to update, so you can be confident in knowing your employees are constantly up-to-date and receiving the right information. As regulations change, so can your resources.

Share with the right people,
and track progress in real time

Share your resources immediately and track the results in real-time. Accessible anywhere, anytime, you can easily evaluate performance and ensure your employees are where they need to be.

Built for the way your people learn

Looop Compliance

  • Fast, bite-sized and immediately relevant
  • Can be viewed and applied on-demand
  • Quick and easy for anyone to create
  • Easily update resources as regulations change
  • Never more than a click away from an answer
  • Lean, agile and constantly evolving with your business

“Traditional” Compliance

  • Long, in-depth and messy
  • Delivered outside of the regular workflow
  • Limits content creation to L&D or business specialists
  • Generic principles and processes that may not apply
  • Requires digging through training to find key info
  • Expensive and slow to update

See Looop in action, then give it a try.

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