We wanted to let you know about a really exciting change that we’ve been working on. We’re changing our brand’s look and feel and we’d love to tell you why.

Think Back To A Time When You Started Using Our LMS…

When we started Looop back in 2014, our vision was to take our experience and create the best learning platform out there. One that would solve real end user problems, and do what’s required to enhance organisational capability.

Our software has since evolved to be even better for our clients and their businesses because Looop helps L&D act on real data to address critical points of failure and reduce frictions. The end result is a fundamental redesign in how employees experience L&D, for purposes important to them. And that means guaranteed performance — and hard-edged business benefits. 

Looop Is Changing The L&D Narrative — And That’s What Our Rebrand Is All About

With this rebrand of Looop, it’s not so much about blowing our own trumpet (we can let others do that), but we know the strength of our product. We’re changing the L&D narrative for good and delivering on the promise to make L&D more effective. We needed an external image and voice that projects that, and who we really are. 

So get excited… because great things are coming to Looop, starting with a brand spankin-new outfit. Check out the new website.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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