Created a workspace filled with useful micro-learning topics, and want everyone to check it out? With our new ‘Discoverable’ workspace feature, it couldn’t be easier!

Share to everyone, instantly

The new ‘Discoverable’ option allows you to make workspaces instantly available for everyone in your organisation’s Looop account – meaning you don’t have to individually invite contacts or groups.

Simply choose the workspace you want to share, go into workspace settings and select ‘Discoverable’ – easy!

The next time members log-in they’ll see a new tab on the left column, called ‘Discover’.  Any workspaces you’ve made available can be found there, and also in their MyLearning tab under ‘Discover’.

On-demand learning

Making workspaces discoverable, means your staff instantly have access to a whole library of training topics at their fingertips.  They can browse through topics on their mobile device from anywhere, and choose the learning they need, when they need it most.

According to a survey conducted by Towards Maturity, this kind of learning – ‘on-demand’ or ‘pull learning’ – is already happening in your business, with 70% of staff seeking out the answers they need on Google or from a colleague.  With ‘Discoverable’ workspaces you can now quickly add to their resources with info that’s useful, relevant, and available anytime, on any device.

To get started, watch this quick how-to video