Marketing departments have been working with smart campaigns for years now, and L&D could benefit from thinking like a marketer when it comes to increasing engagement and productivity within the workplace. Marketing is all about gathering insights and understanding its target audience — and the same applies to L&D, which often struggles with understanding what it is employees are trying to achieve to do their jobs better and faster

Start Thinking like a Marketer

Marketers target their audiences by making it clear what benefits and opportunities are available to them, and L&D can learn from this by shifting the conversation from “here’s a piece of content, it’s mandatory and needs to be completed by the end of the week,” to “here’s a really great resource that will help you in your role as a new manager to understand what’s expected of you in your first month.”

Your employees are going to be far more likely to engage with your training materials if you’re providing something that is valuable and relevant for their jobs.

Automate Employee Experiences

We know providing digital learning in the modern workplace isn’t an easy task. The likes of Google have allowed employees to access an array of information in an instant, so L&D is at risk of falling behind if it cannot compete and provide solutions that are better.

This is where the idea of Looop’s smart campaigns comes from. By allowing our customers to automate employee experiences and deliver streamlined user journeys with targeted resources, they move away from bombarding employees with generic information, and instead are able to deliver useful and relevant information when they’re needed the most. 

This eliminates the need for huge amounts of admin, and frees up time for conversations, creating useful content and evaluating what is or isn’t working.

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How to Set up a Smart Campaign

Looop allows you to easily target your staff based on their role, group, or behaviour, using emails and banners. Instead of having to chase staff, Looop’s ‘smart campaigns’ allows L&D to shift the conversation from “oh, you haven’t completed this yet” to a far more positive direction, such as a small nudge saying “hey, come in and have a look at this, I think it would be really useful for your new role.”

This starts with understanding what your employees’ key issues and challenges are and asking:  What are they trying to achieve in their role? What are the pain points? By understanding these types of questions you can look at what kind of content would solve their problems and package this into useful digital resources that can be strategically scheduled and sent to your employees over a period of time. 

You can then set up prompts and nudges to ensure important resources aren’t missed and that your employees are on the right track to overcoming their challenges. 

A great example of using a smart campaign would be for the onboarding process. Rather than piling new starters with everything they need to know on day one, identify what they need to know before starting, and then in week one, week two and in the following months. Use a timeline to split up your resources based on what they need to know at specific points of time. It’s all about breaking down this information and giving employees only the information they need at any specific time.

This approach is far more likely to attract your employees, because instead of just dropping a link to the LMS or course to your staff, you’re targeting them over a period of time with useful content. This is going to make your learning platform far more enjoyable and engaging to use as you’re no longer expecting your employees to drop what they’re doing and leave their work to find the information they need. (Which is the direct opposite of ‘learning in the flow of work’).

Track Progress in Real Time

Like a marketing campaign, you can create tests or ask for feedback to identify gaps and what needs improving. Looop allows you to monitor progress in real-time, so you can start generating reports as soon as your campaign goes live. 

Looop campaigns

Don’t just look at open and click-through rates. Understand how your initiatives impact KPIs, such as completion rates, employee satisfaction and new manager effectiveness. Think outside of the box and ask smart questions to gather the right data:   

  • Are employees performing better since receiving your campaign emails? 
  • Has there been an increase in productivity and overall happiness? 
  • Are new starters getting up-to-speed quicker than they were before you started your campaign? 

These are key indicators that your campaigns are working and achieving real business results. 

Smart Campaigns in Practice 

How Smart Campaigns Work For Ascential


Ascential, the specialist, global information company, have been using smart campaigns with Looop for around four months. Here’s what L&D Operations & Communications Coordinator Immie Charnley and HR Consultant Georgina Alemany had to say about their experience:

“We started using campaigns for onboarding when we wanted to create a set process to introduce new starters to the business. We introduced resources that we already had on the platform, from what Ascential is about, to learning & development opportunities and also mandatory training.

Now, since Looop has become more intuitive with new features, we can also share mandatory training and track completion, plus we can send chasers which saves a lot of time and has a positive impact on the One Ascential Journey.

The flexibility of campaigns is great, we can tailor it for whatever we need.”

L&D Can Learn From Marketing to Help People Do Their Jobs Better

There’s a great deal L&D can learn from marketing — instead of forcing content and courses on people that offers no real value, start having conversations with your employees to understand the challenges and issues they face. Once you determine the key issues you can then start identifying the solutions you can put in place to help them do their jobs better. 

Marketing methods have been tried and tested over many years, and they work. So L&D’s job is to adopt these modern approaches to make digital learning align with the rest of the organisation.

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