A1. Yes – and with Looop it couldn’t be easier. Engage your learners, evaluate their knowledge and see how effective your learning content actually is.

Engagement – get your game on


Gamification is slowly permeating every day vocabulary. Why? Because it’s a successful engagement tool that’s being used in business more and more in a variety of ways – and quizzes are one of them.

Lets face it, some learning topics can be pretty dry no matter what way you spin it. Breaking them up with interactive quizzes helps to keep your learner engaged and focused.

With Looop you can add quizzes at any point into your content, and allocate a points value. Learners will accrue points depending on how many questions they get right, which helps keep them motivated, and drives them to try harder each time they attempt a learning topic.

Retention – trust the science


In 1885 an experimental German psychologist by the name of Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered what he called the ‘Forgetting Curve’.  The curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt made to actively retain it.

Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

To help increase long-term memory retention, Ebbinghaus advocated the process of active recall.  This is when the memory is actively triggered during the learning process, through a mnemonic device such as a quiz.  By forcing learners to pause, remember what they’ve just been taught, and answer a few questions, quizzes have been scientifically proven to increase long-term retention.

Evaluation – for you and your learners


With Looop’s comprehensive reporting suite, you can easily identify knowledge gaps by analysing quiz results. You can then decide how best to build performance support for those who are struggling.

The insights from quiz answers also let you analyse how successful your learning content is in getting the information understood. If 90% of individuals are getting the answers incorrect then perhaps more content needs to be added to the topic, or the wording may need changed.

The good news is that with Looop it’s really simple to create and edit your learning content. In the space of 5mins you could upload an additional page of content, or tweak your existing text. Re-publish it, monitor the quiz results that come in and watch the scores improve.

Top Tips


  • Choose your break points for quizzes carefully – don’t just put a question in for the sake of it, but don’t leave it too long between quizzes. Learners will begin to anticipate the quiz questions, which encourages them to pay close attention to the material.
  • Avoid true or false questions – Simply put – it’s too easy! It can encourage the learner to just guess, and even if they get it right, they’re less likely to remember why it’s right.
  • Vary questions types to keep learners on their toes.
  • Grab the teachable moment by adding instant feedback to every answer, so learners understand where they went wrong and why (or where they went right and why!).