When you next sign-in you’ll notice we’ve added some extra options in your settings tab, under ‘Advanced’.  These new features offer more choice for managing access to your organisation’s Looop account.

The changes will make it easier for users to sign-in, and will also automatically add or delete them from your Looop contact list, without you having to lift a finger!

You can find a quick video which shows you how to get started here.

Easier sign-in process

As an admin for your organisation, you can now enable OAUTH sign in.  This allows users to sign-in to Looop with their work Google (gmail), Microsoft (outlook) or Salesforce email accounts.

Once enabled, when users visit Looop they will see a ‘Sign in with Google’ button (or whichever option you have selected). If already signed in to their work email, they’ll be able to gain access to Looop without having to enter any login details.

It also means that when they leave the organisation, and their work email is deleted, they will also be deleted automatically from your Looop contacts list, and no longer able to sign in.

Limit access to Looop

You can also now limit access to your organisation’s Looop account by enabling the ‘Domain Lock’ feature.  This allows you to block access from anyone who doesn’t have an email address that belongs to your company (i.e. susan@yourdomain.com).  This feature won’t be available if you currently have users with different email domains in your Looop contacts list.

Enable self-signup

If you decide to set up Domain Lock, you can also then enable the ‘Self-Signup’ feature.  This allows you to share your Looop URL (i.e. yourcompany.looop.co) to staff who are not already members, and they can sign up on the spot.  They’ll be automatically added to your Looop contacts list, which means when you want to invite a user to a workspace, you can simply select them from your contacts list, without having to find their email.  Send an all staff email, share your Looop URL, and watch your contact list grow!

Watch this short clip below on how to get started