We’re excited to announce that the Looop App is now available for download on iOS and Android – making it even easier for you to deliver your training on the go.

Users can now access all of their training content inside the app, and simply tap and swipe their way through learning topics whenever, wherever.  In-built notifications will alert them when a new topic or workspace has been shared.

Why go mobile with your training?

Studies suggest that we’re now easily distracted with short attention spans, thanks to our immersion in mobile technology.  Whether that’s true or not, it’s hard to deny we’ve become used to consuming our information in bite-sized chunks, on-the-go.

So be where your users are, and get in front of them by delivering mobile training.  Keep it short and engaging with 10min interactive learning modules – that way you know your learners are more likely to attempt it, and absorb the information delivered.

Get downloading!

Build learning into the daily habits of your learners with the Looop mobile App, and put the learning in the hands of your learners – literally!  Download the app today and see how it can work for you