Today Looop is introducing a simple but powerful new way to deliver online training. We’re calling it WorkSpaces.

So what are WorkSpaces?

Simply put, a WorkSpace consists of two elements: training and people. Similar to folders on your company drive, WorkSpaces are permission based. You just need to select the training and the people you want in your WorkSpace.

What can I do with WorkSpaces?

The opportunities are endless.

WorkSpaces give you the flexibility to choose who has access to which training materials, but it doesn’t end there.


Dress up your WorkSpaces to suit their content. We give you the flexibility to name it and add a banner. For everyone in the Looop family delivering training external parties, we also give you the option to include your customer or partners’ logo.


WorkSpaces also allow you to collaborate on training creation and editing. You can do this by inviting colleagues to your WorkSpace and changing their status to Collaborator.

Link or copy

WorkSpaces allow you to link or copy topics created in other WorkSpaces, so you can use your training topics time and again.

Ok, great. So how do I get started?

For existing users, we’ve set up a WorkSpace on your account automatically – just something to get you started. Be sure to rename it and add a banner that’s relevant. If you want to break existing topics into different WorkSpaces, simply enable your topic to be copies or linked, spin-up another WorkSpace and add the ones you need.

It’s important to note that WorkSpace members can see everything, allowing them to learn what they need when they need it. You can manage all WorkSpace access, adding and removing members, directly from the WorkSpace Members section.

WorkSpaces is just one more step in the journey towards true democratisation of learning in businesses all over the world. Stay tuned for our next BIG announcement, due in a couple of weeks.

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