Why video is your new best friend

There’s a new kind of corporate communications in town, and it’s name is video…

Top Tips

Go Guerilla-Style..

Creating a video may seem like a daunting task involving green rooms, lengthy scripts and half a dozen props – but here’s the good news, it really doesn’t need to be!   More and more people are responding to guerilla-style videos – shot on the go, in the moment and which are genuine, current and real.  So just grab your smartphone, talk openly and honestly direct to your staff, and upload! Simple!

Show don’t tell…

Got a complicated process to teach, for example creating a pivot table in excel?  Show don’t tell with a screengrab recording!  You can record your desktop as you carry out the task, with a voice-over at the same time explaining each step.  It’s a much quicker (and more effective) way to explain a tricky process than taking lots of screen-shots and adding text for each one.



Top Tools



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