The Looop Approach

The Looop Approach

Looop’s Lean learning approach is perfectly suited to agile organisations

The modern workplace has been undergoing rapid transformation in recent years: teams are now agile, lean, digital-first and often geographically distributed.

Workers expect the same digital UX in the workplace that they get from their phones. L&D has been slow to catch up, so at Looop we developed our own approach.

We call it Lean learning. It’s our secret sauce that generates fantastic results, and it’s the perfect match for fast-paced organisations using agile principles in the workplace.

Lean learning

Drastically simplifying L&D
to dramatically improve ROI

Lean means eliminating waste.
With Looop you can cut the fat from L&D
so your employees get better at their job, faster.

Here’s how it works in three easy steps:

Lean Steps

1. Eliminating Waste

Lean learning means saying goodbye
to all the wasted effort of
traditional training approaches.


Long, face to face courses

Spending weeks or months creating in-depth courses and modules that take staff out of their work, provide too much, too soon, and end up quickly forgotten.


Bite-sized digital resources

Creating simple, bite-sized text, image, or video resources that show workers how to complete a specific task. It’s available when they need it and immediately put into practice.


Learning at the point of need

Workers stay productive as they’re not taken out of work, they learn by doing, and have their specific needs met at the exact time they need it.

2. Iterating and Learning

Lean learning means rapid content creation,
deployment, and iteration.
It’s L&D that learns.


Time spent upfront planning and delivering

All that effort that goes into planning upfront, trying to cover all bases, and delivering over-engineered programs… all because training is disruptive and only happens occasionally.


Time spent iterating and learning

When workers need a specific resource you shoot a quick video with your phone, upload it, and you’re done. Alternatively, team leaders can shoot it themselves. You measure the results and iterate.


Agile L&D that learns with the organisation

As content is so easy to create you can iterate and evolve your learning resources just like a digital product. Stay agile, respond to employee needs when they arise, and don’t get left behind, tied down by an archaic LMS while the rest of the organisation evolves.

3. Superior ROI

Lean learning means vastly superior ROI
for the organisation from more
productive employees.

Old Way

Engagement is a metric of success

L&D focuses on learning “engagement” despite the fact workers find it hard to remember and apply their training weeks or months after the fact. Workers end up improvising or relying on peers or managers. This causes disruption and requires staff to constantly answer the same questions.

Lean Way

Business performance is a metric of success

With a strict focus on business outcomes and eliminating obstacles to employee productivity, Lean learning helps workers become more self-sufficient, perform more consistently, and deliver greater ROI for the business.


L&D that’s a valuable investment, not a cost to be minimised

Lean learning brings L&D into the 21st century. By using simple resources that address common employee problems at the time of need Lean learning transforms your L&D department into a deeply integrated part of the workforce — not a standalone cost centre.

What can Looop and Lean learning do for you?

Lean learning is the tried and tested agile approach that underpins the Looop learning experience platform. We’ve seen it work time and again for major brands who couldn’t imagine going back to the old way.

It’s easy to get started — you don’t have to throw out what’s working, you can just dip your toe in the water by replacing what isn’t working. And the Looop team will be here to support you every step of the way.

Book a demo today and let us show you how Looop and lean learning can drastically simplify your L&D while dramatically improving ROI.

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