Help new hires hit the ground running, with…

  • A welcome video from the CEO
  • A quick overview of the company’s history and culture
  • A virtual tour of their new office
  • Tips, tricks & advice from familiar faces
  • Immediately relevant, bite-sized training topics

They’ll feel welcome, confident and ready to work from day one.

New Manager Training

Set new managers up for success, with…

  • Real stories from recognized leaders
  • Time-tested tips from your highest performers
  • Step-by-step processes for tough situations
  • Helpful how-tos from those who’ve done it before
  • Quick-reference summaries of important

It’s like having your best people on-hand to offer proven advice in any moment.

Sales Teams

Clone your best salespeople, with…

  • Proven advice for overcoming objections
  • Insider tips from your most skilled salespeople
  • High-converting scripts for cold outreach
  • A video walkthrough of a successful sales call
  • A screencast explaining how to use the company’s CRM platform

Give your salespeople every advantage before they make a call.

Tech Support

Drastically cut downtime, with…

  • Quick troubleshooting tips for common problems
  • Video walkthroughs of company software
  • Step-by-step screenshots
  • Distraction-free links to trusted outside sources
  • Up-to- the-minute info on known bugs and issues

Take a load off IT and get employees back up and running – fast.