Introducing the latest feature in Looop: Quiz type options.

We’ve had some great feedback so far (keep it coming!) and number one on the wish-list was a better quiz creation tool. Specifically, people wanted to:


All this and more is available right now on Looop. The updated quiz editor lets you select from a simple list of three key quiz types: Single select, Multi select and Open.


Single select

The grandaddy of quiz types, this is your classic ‘multiple choice’ type question. Set a few options, choose one (or more) correct answers. Your learners will be able to select only one response, and they will be provided with feedback for whatever they have selected. Great for when you have a clear right or wrong answer in mind.


Multi select

Similar to single select, but a totally different vibe. Learners can select more than one option, which means you can ask a different sort of question. Ask learners to identify the top three reasons, or pick from things which are or aren’t related.



A whole new world, open quiz types allow you to ask questions without defining a correct response. What is your favourite color? Which strategy do you prefer? Are you a cat person or a dog person? You can see the collected responses back in your topic editing screen and get an instant insight into how your learners think/feel.

Log in to and check it out right now.



We have also released a range of small updates and bug-fixes and are working towards another big release in the coming days, but rest assured we’ll keep you in the Looop.

Keep learning,
Team Looop

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